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HeartlandHills And Farms

HeartlandHills and Farms Located in Igatpuri, a popular hill station close to Mumbai, is a picture-perfect hill station. With a myriad number of waterfalls, lakes and hills, Igatpuri makes an ideal getaway for people from all walks of life, especially for hikers and trekkers.

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Investors choice

In addition to a short-lived escape from the daily routine,HeartlandHills And Farms-which is presenting the best farmhouses in suburbs of Mumbai is the most preferred choice of investors, can be enticing to your pocket as well. Its reasonable cost, strategic location, spectacular ambience, natural landscape and amenities make it the most lucrative option for an additional income. You can give your farmhouse on rent for weddings, corporate events, parties etc.

Modern Design

At HeartlandHills And Farms, you can experience both worlds at their best. Our farmhouses are conventional yet modern. To make you relive the golden age, farmhouses have been designed with a rustic approach but no stone has been left unturned to give it a modern look. Some modern elements are :-